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Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer based in Kent with over 10 years industry experience, including brand identity, interpretation design,
print and digital design.

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Nick's Picks

Stereophonics T-shirt design
Jack Pack poster design
Band logo design
Personal trainer logo design

T-shirt design

Jack Pack
poster design

New Device
logo concept

Richard James
brand identity

I created 12 symbols each  representing a track on their 'Pull the Pin' album. The T-shirts were sold across their merchandise stand 2007 tour.

Jack Pack were finalists in Britain's Got Talent 2014. I designed some posters to help their campaign in the competition.

New Device are a London based rock band. This is a logo concept I submitted, where I combined a skull image into the typography.

Richard James wanted a brand identity for his personal trainer business. The 'RJ' symbolises a stopwatch and the sit-up action.